Department of Chest Medicine deal with diseases of the respiratory system like asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, interstitial lung diseases, lung cancer, sleep related disorders and allergic diseases etc. Also involves Sleep disorders affected by Respiratory ailments. Patients with symptoms of cough, expectoration, hemoptysis (blood in sputum), chest pain and breathlessness are treated under this speciality.

Our hospital has diagnostic services to rules out respiratory diseases and treated under guidance of expert specialist Chest Physician.

The Department conducts Pulmonary Function Test for comprehensive diagnosis and management of various Respiratory Diseases.

The Department conducts Pulmonary Function Test for comprehensive lung function testing.

Bronchoscopes, with the assistance of C-arm facility, where various complex endo-bronchial ,diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are also performed. We offer customized Diet plan along with exercise pattern and changes in lifestyle routine with proper Body composition analysis.

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