An Emergency Department is also known as:

  • An Accident & Emergency Department
  • An Emergency Room
  • Casualty

All these comprise a medical facility specializing in emergency medicine. Emergency cases are managed through a crucial time period known as the ‘Golden Hour’. Once stabilized, patients get further treatment towards recovery.

In SMGH, for emergencies, there is:

  • A separate Nursing Counter
  • A Casualty
  • A Minor OT
  • A 24x7 Emergency Pathology Service
  • An inhouse Pharmacy
  • A necessary required diagnostic setup

The Shree Mahaganpati Hospital’s 24x7 services has an efficient team of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who follow specific procedures so that patients can get the care they need as quickly as possible.

In an emergency, this is what is done:

  • Triage- where the patient is evaluated.
  • Registration- where the paperwork is done.
  • Treatment- which the doctors begin at the earliest.
  • Revaluation- to make sure the treatment given to the patient is on track.
  • Discharge- after the patient is on the way to recovery or transferred for further treatment.

The Casualty is easily accessible from the main road. A wheelchair, stretcher or trolley can be arranged; these are kept near the Casualty to provide on-time service. This arrangement enables easy and quick transportation of patients needing immediate medical aid.

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