Specialised branch of medical field dealing with all health issues in women focusing reproductive organ. Gynaecologist are experts in managing conditions like Harmonal imbalance, PCOD, Menstrual disorder, Infertility including Obstetrics conditions like Pregnancy, child birth, post delivery complications , Infections etc. Our Obstetrics & Gynaecology department follows hospital's principles of Rational and Ethical Medical Practice. Our team meet the patients need in compassionate and empathetic manner with great emphasis on Maternity care , post delivery management . Doctors are skilled in Handling and managing all normal and complicated cases,taking care of Pregnancy and specialised in all Laporoscopic Surgeries.

Special Workshop for pregnant ladies :

We understand this phase is of immense joy in every women's life... Our Maternity unit started a special Workshops for all to be mothers. Here they enjoyed a time with knowing how their baby is growing at different stages, nutritional guidance according to baby's growth and exercises for make them comfortable during pregnancy.

Facilities available are :

  • In house Pathology
  • Sonography unit
  • Labour Room
  • Unique Maternity ward
  • NICU
  • Well equipped Operation Theater
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