Housekeeping is the most essential service for the overall environmental health of a hospital. It controls the spread of many infectious diseases and keeps the surroundings fresh and pleasant.

Our housekeeping staff keep the hospital rooms and common areas clean with regular and specialized sweeping and mopping methods.

Besides, they keep a sterile environment where and when required, make beds, replenish linen and maintain the floors.

They are given regular training to keep them updated with new and efficient methods.

They routinely clean patient rooms, nursing units, surgical areas, administrative offices, laboratory areas, waiting areas and public restrooms, as well as launder all hospital linen.

They use various cleaning chemicals and disinfectants to wipe equipment, clean furniture, polish floors and vacuum carpets.

They make beds, empty trash and restock medical supplies.

Housekeepers also collect dirty laundry from all patient areas and distribute the clean linen and hospital gowns to the appropriate floors.

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