Vision : To provide essential medical services in villages, Adivasi padas & other rural regions.

Rural healthcare is always being a major issue in india. Many programs are approved by government but get difficulty in implementing due to lack of availability of faculties and doctors in very remote area.

We are located in Titwala and serving healthcare facilities in and around Titwala, in many villages and Adivasi padas since 19 years with our basic medical facilities. After survey with our team, We observed that Titwala is surrounded by almost 68 villages and many Adivasi padas. Hardly few well organised places have 1-2 Doctors at least to provide Basic medical care. But there are still huge number of places are there with lack of availability of healthcare providers and basic facilities. People here are regular sufferers of infectious diseases and many are even not aware of their health issues. Here morbidity rate is more due lack of awareness about health and care to be taken. Lack of road accessibility, non availability of transport and negligence are major factor in this rural region to face health hazards.

We are working for this rural area and surrounding villages as best as to give them Basic medical care and most importantly awareness about their health issues with some investigations.


After survey with our hospital team,we observe there are many untouched places that require regular medical facility. As per todays scenario, availability of staff, Doctors and portable equipments, medicines become costlier. Making these facilities available and keeping sustainbility in such services, we need financial support from corporate companies under their CSR.

As per need of healthcare services in these rural area, MOBILE MEDICAL UNIT will be most beneficial to provide medical services in such places. In India many cases get complicated or death occur are mainly due to lack of primary treatment on time. Major cases found out in such rural regions. MOBILE MEDICAL UNIT can provide basic check ups, primary diagnosis of diseases and primary treatments to people. And also can rule out emergency cases among these area to guide them further and to make them reach higher centers.

Mobile medical unit can be way to improve healthcare awareness in rural population by making medical care facility at their doorstep. This is possible with the help of socially responsible corporates to reach out to poor and less fortunate segment of society.


To serve healthcare facility through Mobile medical unit, we require on wheel Doctors, Nursing Staff, Medical assistants, Pharmacist, Pathologist, Helper and Ambulance Driver with basic infrastructured Ambulance and Neccessary equipments.

Estimated Cost : 35 Lakh +

1. Vehicle 14 Lakh

2. Staff 10 Lakh p.a.

3. Equipments 05 Lakh p.a.

4. Drugs 05 Lakh p.a.

5. Maintenance of Vehicle 01 Lakh p.a.

6. Fuel 02 Lakh p.a.

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