Physiotherapy is essential service of hospital that supports in patients treatment to restore functions & Movements of the body Prevention of Complications - Respiratory treatment, mobilization and activity, with the objective of minimizing complications resulting from the operation, anesthesia or immobility. Additionally, the treatment contributes to the prevention of deterioration and/or exacerbation of the pre-hospitalization medical condition.

Promotion of Function and Mobility - Activation, strengthening and mobilization of the patient in order to enable resumption of maximal function and independence, using accessories if needed.

Functional Assessment - Carrying out a functional assessment to recommend an appropriate framework for further treatment and promote the continuum of care, including rehabilitation.

Advice and Instructions - Instructions for independent exercises and activity, to shorten the duration of recovery and promote general health.

We have well established unit with all physiotherapy equipment and managed under guidance of expert physiotherapist. Our Doctors are experienced in extreme field of Sports physiotherapy, Neurology, Orthopaedic, Respiratory, cardiac, Pre and post operative physio care. Our Doctors update themselves to give best results for patient's sufferings. Our Doctor manage the cases with individual case study and application of effective therapy like Manual therapy, Cupping method, Thera band , Kinetic physiotherapy that helps to improves patient’s condition.

Physiotherapy treatments available:

  • IFT
  • SWD
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