The hospital’s laundry service is responsible for providing safe, clean, adequate and timely supply of linen and hospital-wear. The designated laundry area follows healthcare industry norms of hygiene and infection control.

It provides:

  • Linen for Housekeeping – including curtains, drapes table clothes etc.
  • Linen for patients, beds, OTs.
  • Linen for staff, doctors, technicians, nurses, like aprons and gowns.

The laundry point has separate dry and wet areas and is well ventilated with modern machinery for ironing and heavy-duty washing.

Our laundry staff takes a lot of care. They:

  • Collect And Receive Dirty And Soiled Linen From Wards And Other Departments
  • Sort It
  • Remove Stains (Of Blood Or Chemicals)
  • Disinfect It
  • Wash And Dry It
  • Repair And Sew As Needed
  • Iron And Fold It
  • Store It According To Category

These services are invisible, but on them depends so much.

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