Renal Dialysis is a medical process that becomes necessary when the normal functions of the kidneys become compromised by reduced kidney function and kidney failure. This may be due to disease, injury, infection or genetic factors. Renal failure may be classified as either Acute Renal Failure or Chronic Kidney Disease. Haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis services involve filtering the blood of excess fluid and waste products normally filtered by the kidneys.

Our dialysis unit is the first single unit in Titwala. This has benefited the local people immensely. Nephrologist Dr. Rohan Pradhan, who looks after the unit, is experienced and qualified in his field, and he manages many reputed dialysis centres throughout Mumbai. The unit staff, too, is well-informed and trained in dialysis systems and procedures and renal pathophysiology. They work under the careful supervision of Dr. Rohan Pradhan.

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