An Out Patient Department (OPD) offers a wide range of services such as clinical examinations, investigations, diagnostic tests, pharmaceutical dispensing, minor surgical procedures, some interventional procedures, and counselling and rehabilitation services. The efficient and effective functioning of an OPD provides relief to patients and reduces the burden on the in-patient services. On an average, the number of patients visiting and utilizing the OPD services is about 20 times that of indoor admissions.

Our OPD has:

  • A Reception & an Enquiry Counter.
  • A Registration Counter.
  • An OPD Waiting Area.
  • Examination Rooms.
  • Consulting Rooms.
  • A Dental OPD.
  • A Physiotherapy Setup.
  • A Minor OT in the ‘Casualty’ for Procedures like Incising, Suture Removal, Abscess Excision, etc.
  • Support Services—Like a Laboratory, a Radiology Centre for X-Rays, etc.
  • An Insurance Assistance Counter.
  • An MJPAY Counter.
  • A Social Work Desk.
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